Log Cabin Hooked Rugs & Penny Rugs

How We Got Started

About 15 yrs ago, I found myself needing a relaxing hobby with some creativity.  I was telling a customer of mine about this and she exclaimed "I have just the thing for you!"

She had just started rug hooking & had her project with her & so the story begins..................I was immediately "hooked"!  My main business, Just A Little Bit Country, which I've nurtured and grown for 30 years, specializes in historic country decor so I was immediately attracted to this "early" fiber art form. 

I decided to start designing historic reproductions and primitive style hooked rugs.  I love the simplicity of the early 1800's antique rugs that were primarily designed and hooked by young ladies.  I refer to them as our Log Cabin sisters creating these wonderful pictures from scraps of old wool clothing & hooking them onto gunny sacks with a bent nail on the end of a hunk of wood. 

Resourcefulness was a necessity so anything that had outlived it's usefulness, such as worn out clothing & gunny sacks, were used to create these simple pictures and add a bit of color to their drab surroundings.  In fact, their creations were so valued that they were used for bed coverings or a table top.

Many of my rug hooking patterns are historic reproductions, old quilt patterns or toll painting designs.  My rug hooking kits are designed to have an aged look and the wools in my kits are primarily textures and hand dyed wools.  My patterns are all on easy to hook monks cloth.  All patterns & kits come attractively packaged with a colored photo, instructions on how to hook each rug and calculated wool amounts needed to complete the project. 

Welcome to Log Cabin Rugs!  I hope you enjoy your journey creating your very own heirlooms.